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AJB Pallet Limited Unit 41a Hainge Road Tividale, Oldbury West Miclands B69 2NY
We Buy & Sell All Pallets
Pallets AJB   Pallets   repair,   sort,   grade,   collect,   purchase,   rebuild,   purpose-build   and   heat-treat pallets.   We   provide   pallets   of   all   shapes   and   sizes   in   new,   recycled   and   heat-treated formats. All of our products are environmentally sound. Please browse our range below, or contact us for more details.
Euro Pallets  Size: 1200 x 800mm 4 way entry Standard Pallets  Size: 1200 x 1000mm 4 way entry Heat Treated Pallets  Size: Various Kiln dried Reconditioned Pallets  Size: Euro/UK/Non-standard 4 way entry
Manufacturers of New Pallets, Export Boxes, Crates & Reconditioned Pallets - for more information call us on 0121 520 1238
We   check   and   grade   all   stock   before   resale   and   any   pallets   that   haven't   met   our   strict quality    control    criteria    are    repaired    to    the    manufacturers    original    specification.    Our experienced   pallet   repairer   uses   new   grade   1   timber   and   steel   ring-shanked   nails   in   all   of our   repairs,   always   adhering   to   stringent   safety   procedures   set   in   place   and   regulated   by the management team.
We Recycle AJB Pallets prides itself in its environmentally friendly approach, and aims to recycle more pallets year on year, in a bid to save the environment, as well as passing these savings onto our customers. Liquidation Clearance 0121 520 1238 We offer a Liquidatied stock clearance service. Please call or email us for more information on these services.