Quality Heat-Treated ISPM 15 Pallet Suppliers in Sandwell & Dudley

Here at AJB Pallet Ltd, we are trusted suppliers of heat-treated ISPM-15 pallets. Our heat-treated pallets are fully compliant with legislation that ensures organic wood materials are heat-treated to remove pests, making them safe to move across continents – ideal for international shipments.
As pallets are sourced from organic matter (trees), they must undergo heat treatment to make them sterile. This process generally involves exposing the wood to temperatures of 140 degrees for around 30 minutes to kill off insects either grown or in the larval stage. Once treated, pallets are stamped as ISPM-15 (International Standards for Phyto-Sanitary Materials 15) ensuring they are compliant and safe to transport.
Our customers can therefore buy our heat-treated pallets with confidence that we adhere to international laws and take our responsibilities seriously.

Heat-Treated Pallets in Sandwell & Dudley

The team here at AJB Pallet Ltd are a family-run business with over 25 years in the pallet industry. We have been supplying quality heat-treated pallets to commercial and industrial clients throughout Sandwell and Dudley, adhering to ISPM-15 measures for international shipments.
We believe in affordable prices without compromising on quality service, whether you are buying in bulk or searching for a one-off delivery. Our heat-treated pallets always arrive in excellent condition and are ready to use upon arrival.

ISPM-15 Pallets Available on Demand

As a leading heat-treated pallet supplier, we provide heat-treated pallets of all shapes and sizes throughout Sandwell, Dudley and surrounding areas. With our long history and commitment to quality, you can be assured of a reliable service that is affordable and fuss-free.
We supply heat-treated pallets for various types of businesses and sectors, including logistics, food distribution companies, removal firms, retail and much more, ensuring your business’s needs are met.

About ISPM-15 Legislation in the UK

Introduced in 2002, International Standards for Phyto-Sanitary Materials 15 legalisation (ISPM-15) applies to solid wood pallets, including pine, oak and other hardwoods, but excludes wood composites. Its purpose is to eliminate or reduce invasive species being transported to different countries, where they can spread disease or disrupt a new environment. Failure to comply with ISPM-15 can result in pallets being held in quarantine or requiring fumigation treatment before being distributed.
As a fully compliant pallet contractor, all of our heat-treated ISPM-15 pallets carry the stamp of ISPM approval, giving you peace of mind with every purchase.